6th April 2020

Covid - 19 2nd April Update

I had planned to send an update out yesterday but unfortunately my day was changed due to someone trying to break in to our office. I spent the day with Dorset Police and BT Openreach (who sent vans and a crane lorry to reconnect our BT lines and Broadband which had been cut) and organising repairs.

We have now increased security through the installation of cameras and the assistance of Dorset Police (who have said they will keep on eye on the premises for us in addition to the private Security firm that we use). 

Sadly this might be another problem of the crisis, where people who lack any sense of morale fibre (that was controlled!), take advantage of buildings being empty. Perhaps we should all review our security measures at this time.

Small Limited Companies
As expected there is reaction by various groups to the measures announced so far, in particular the support for the Self-Employed, if you wish to support then please see the link below:

It appears that there has now been a shift in the approach of rolling out the Grants which were announced. The guidance clearly and repeatedly stated that your local authority will contact you, however, yesterday we found that Dorset Council are now asking you to apply. This may differ from one local authority to another, so I would suggest you check your local authority website. For Dorset see the links below:

Furloughed Staff
I understand that furloughing staff can be rotated between furlough and work. Provided the furlough period is more than 3 consecutive weeks, an employee can be furloughed then work, then furloughed again. 

Small Business Interruption Loans
I'm sure you heard on the news yesterday that a lot of small businesses were reporting that they were being turned down for these loans. I know a lot of you have or are applying for the CBIL so it would be good to hear how you are getting on and what your experience has been?

Very best

Nick Hunt
and the team at Hunts